Harambha thresher, tractor mounted reaper, self-propelled reaper, paddy thresher, sunflower thresher, potato planter, straw reaper, fodder harvester, fodder chopper-cumtrolley loader, potato digger 


Straw combine, Seed drills, Disc harrow, Groundnut digger, Potato planter, Zero-till drill, High capacity thresher, Chaff cutter, Harambha thresher, Seed-cum-fertilizer drill, Maize sheller, Stub cutter, Bund former etc

Annapurna Thresher

Auto Potato Planter, Potato Digger, Auto Seed Cum Fertilizer  Drill.

Brahmani Welding Works

Potato Planter, Potato  Digger, Cultivator, Seed  Cum Fertilizer Drill, Leveler, Disc Harrow, Cultivator. 

Jay Ambe Agriculture

Auto Potato Planter,  Potato Digger,  Auto  Seed Cum Fertilizer  Drill /Planter, Zero Till  Seed Drill, MB Plough, Single & Double  Cylinder Plough, Groundnut Digger Shaker 

Kushwaha Engineering Works

Threshers, Reaper, Zero till drill, Paddy thresher, Trailer, Maize thresher, Leveller, Potato digger, Potato planter, Rotavator, Cultivator etc. 

Maruti Engg. Works

Auto Potato Planter,  Potato Digger, Planter,  Auto Seed Cum  Fertilizer Drill,  Groundnut Digger Shaker 

Raj Agro Ind. Deesa

Potato Planter, Potato  Digger, Seed Cum  Fertilizer Drill. 

Vagheswari Agri Works

Potato Planter, Potato  Digger, Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill, Multi-Purpose Thresher. 

Umiya vijay Agro Ind.

Auto Potato Planter, Potato Digger, Mb  Plough, Rev. Plough,  Cultivator, Winnowing  Fan, Disk Plough, Disk Harrow, Multi Crop  

Shree Savitri Agriculture Works

Automatic Potato  Planter, Potato Digger,  Planter, Automatic  Seed Cum Fertilizer  Drill, Groundnut  Digger Shaker, Land  Leveler, Cultivator 

Parambeer Engineers & Manufacturers

Harambha thresher, Tractor mounted reaper, Self propelled reaper, Paddy thresher, Sunflower thresher, Potato planter, Straw reaper, Fodder harvester, Fodder chopper-cum-trolley loader, Potato digger etc.  

Guru Nanak Krishi Udyog

Rotavator, Zero-till drill, Straw combine, Tractor operated potato planter, Potato digger elevator

Droli Mechanical Works

Automatic potato planter, Potato grader, Paddy thresher, sunflower thresher, Harambha thresher, Disc harrow, Stub cutter, Rotavator, Zero-till drill, Cultivator, Maize sheller etc.

Farm Implements (I) Pvt. Ltd

Ratoon manager, pit digger, sugarcane planter, sugarcane harvester, rotavator, single row power tiller operated sugarcane planter, leaf stripper-cum-detopper, baler, brush cutter, rota slasher, forage harvester, post hole digger, cane pitter, tea harvester, tea pruner, cultivator  

Shubhum Industries

Mould board plough, cultivator, disc plough, laser land leveller, post hole digger, potato digger, potato planter, raised bed planter, reversible plough, rotavator, threshers, zero till drill, brush cutter, tractor trolley 

Promise Agro Ind.

Rotavator, Cultivator,
Hand operated Dibbler, Vegetable Planter.

Kishan Agro Engineering

Automatic Seed Drill/Planter.

Gujarat Agro Engg.

Automatic Seed Drill/Planter.

Dharti Agro Engineering

Mini Tractor Operated Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill, Tractor Operated Seed Drill, Tractor Mounted Seed Planter, Cultivator, Rev. Plough, Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill, Ox Driven Seed Drill, Manual Operated Seed Drill, Tractor
Operated Zero Till Cum Fertilizer Drill, Tractor Operated  And Cotton Planter, Power Tiller, Seed Cum Fertilizer With Patli System.

Bhoomi Agro industries

Single & Double Tooth Dibbler, Groundnut ,Digger Shaker, Rotavator, Auto Seed  Cum Fertilizer Drill, Ox Driven Auto Seed Drill, Broad Bed Former Cum Seed & Fertilizer Planter.

Nagariya Agricultural industries

Thresher, Groundnut Digger Shaker, Planter.

Ganesh Agro Equip. Ganesh Raj Industries

Chiesel Plough,Rotavator, Automatic Potato Planter, Manual Thresher, Post-Hole Digger, Tractor Mounted Harvester, Mini Harvester, Trailer, Rev. Plough, Maize Sheller, Trailer, Potato Digger.

R K Agro Industries

Bullock-Drawn Seed Planter, Seed Planter, Rotavator, Tractor Seed Drill.

Sucha Singh & Bros

Straw reaper, harambha thresher, multicrop cutter thresher, multicrop thresher, multicrop seed-cum-fertilizer drill, zero-till drill, potato planter, potato digger, tiller, ridger, stubble shaver, lawn mover, chaff cutter, fertilizer  spreader, carat washer 

Jandu Agro Industries

Harambha thresher, Wheat thresher, Straw reaper, Automatic potato planter, Disc harrow, Stub cutter, Potato digger, Cultivator, Bund maker etc. 

Hindustan Agro Industries

Animal driven seed-cum-fertilizer drill, Posthole digger, Multi crop seed drill, Rear mounted reaper, Trail type disc harrow, Mounted type disc harrow, Maize sheller, Paddy thresher, Multi crop thresher, Hopper thresher, Harabha thresher, Chaff cutter 

Kisan Engineering Company

Threshers, Rotavator, Reaper,Cultivator, Leveler, Zero till drill, planters etc.

Sunlight Foundary

Sugarcane planter, Chaff cutter, Cultivator, Cane crusher, Disc harrow, Multicrop thresher, Reaper

Rohan Agro Indutries

Dal mill, Oil expeller, Power tiller, Cotton ginning machine, Flour & grinding machine, Groundnut thresher, Groundnut decorticator, Chilly powder machine, Chaff cutter, Whole sugarcane planter, Rice mill, Multicrop thresher, Oil engines, Paddy thresher, Self-feed thresher

Govind Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Vertical conveyer reaper, Thresher, Leveller, Rotavator, Potato planter, Sugarcane planter, MB plow, Disc plough, cultivator, disc harrow, Chaff cutter, windowing fan, power cane crusher, Stuble shaver, Zero-till drill, Straw reaper, Grain combine, Pump, Ridger

Shah Machinery Stores

Dal mill, Oil expeller, Power tiller, Cotton ginning machine, Flour & grinding machine, Groundnut thresher, Groundnut decorticator, Chilly powder machine, Chaff cutter, Whole sugarcane planter, Rice mill, Multicrop thresher,

Guru Nanak Iron Industries

Multi crop thresher, Paddy thresher, Groundnut thresher, Cultivator, Disc harrow, Seed-cumfertilizer drill, Maize planter, Caster planter, Leveller, Rotavator, Trailer




Kartar Engineering Works

Potato digger, Potato planter

Khalsa Farm Equipments,

Sugarcane planter, ridger fertilizer unit, interculture fertilizer in sows and reapthening all in one, boom sprayer, fertilizer broad casting field, cleaning jaal, paired row ridger with fertilizer unit, sugarcane silt cutter, inter crop with sugarcane chisel, bullock drawn sugarcane planter.

Ramakumar Industries

Rotavator, Disc plough , Power tiller operated seed-cum-fertilizer drill, Tractor operated rotary weeder, Tractor operated twine auger digger sugarcane planter, Tractor operated post hole

Sohan Engineering Works

Disk plough, Cultivator, Bakhar, Thresher, Trolley, Potato planter and Garlic planter

Sunfield Agro Industries

Potato digger, Potato planter, Rodger & Cultivator

Sirsa Industries

Harambha thresher, Maize sheller, Sunflower thresher, Potato planter, Cultivator, Disc harrow, Seed drill, Straw reaper, Maize planter etc.

Sehra Motors & Tractor Engg. Works

Potato digger, Potato planter, Rodger & Cultivator

Sehmbi Agro Industries

Potato planter, Potato grader, Potato planter, Sunflower thresher, Wheat thresher, Seed drills, Reaper, Cultivator etc.

Angrej Haryana Agri. Works

Cultivator, zero till seed cum fertilizer drill, Bt. cotton planter, tractor operated sprayer, disc harrow

Bharat Steel Discs

Zero till seed drill, potato planter, power thresher, straw combine, harrow, cultivator, plough

Chann Agri. Works

Cultivator, zero till seed cum fertilizer drill, Bt. cotton planter, plough, seed cum fertilizer drill, disc harrow

Datta Agro Works

Rotavator, cultivator, seed cum fertilizer drill, disc harrow, Bt. cotton planter, multi-crop planter, tractor operated sprayer

Escort Ltd.

Shredder, precision planter, seed drill, rotavator, laser land leveller

Gorakh Agri. Works

Cultivator, seed cum fertilizer drill, Bt. cotton planter, zero till seed cum fertilizer drill, disc harrow, tractor operated sprayer

Guru Agro Industries

Disc harrow, rotavator, Bt. cotton planter, multi-crop planter, tractor operated sprayer, tractor front mounted vertical conveyor reaper, self-propelled vertical conveyor reaper, straw reaper, sugarcane leaf chopper cum spreader, chaff cutter.

Guru Nanak Agri. Works

Disc harrow, Bt. cotton planter, multicrop planter

Haryana Agriculture Works

Rotavator, zero till seed cum fertilizer drill, Bt. cotton planter, post hole digger

Hind Agro Implements

Plough, sub-soiler, cultivator, Bt. cotton planter, disc harrow, cultivator with puddler, rotavator, mulcher, seed cum fertilizer drill, laser land leveller, zero till seed cum fertilizer drill,planter,  paddy transplanter, tractor operated sprayer,self-propelled light weight sprayer, power spray pumps, tractor operated weeder, self-propelled weeder, tractor front mounted vertical conveyor reaper, potato digger, paddy thresher, straw reaper, chaff cutter

Jai Bharat Agri. Works

Zero till seed cum fertilizer drill, plough, seed cum fertilizer drill, disc harrow, cultivator, Bt. cotton planter, groundnut planter, tractor operated sprayer

Khalsa Engg. Works

Tractor operated inclined plate planter for sowing Bt. / Hybrid cotton, Zero-till drill, Thresher, Sprayers

Kalsi Fabricators

Tractor operated potato planter, Potato digger elevator

Pair Agroking

Disc Harrow, Spring Loaded Cultivator, Rotary Tiller, Land Leveler, Agricultural Trailer, Tractor Water Tanker, Harrow Discs, Subsoiler, Potato Planter

Shiv Shakti Krishi Udyog


Agricultural Equipment, Tractor Bumper, Tiller, Tractor Hook, Tractor Seat, Tractor Hood, Tractor Mud Guard, Brush Cutter, Potato Planter, Land Leveller, Plough, Subsoiler, Clevis Fastener, Tractor, Seed Drill, Cultivator, Battery Box

Hari Om Engineering Works


Tractor Trolley, Chaff Cutter, Multicrop Thresher, Harvester Cutter, Planter Machine , Brush Cutter, Seed Drill, Groundnut Thresher, Haramba Thresher, Mounted Disc Plough, Spring Loaded Cultivator, Disc Harrow, Post Hole Digger, Cultivator

A K Engineering Works


Vagheshwari Agriculture Works


Potato Planter, Fertilizer Drill, Agricultural Implement, Groundnut Thresher, Seed Drill, Wheat Thresher 

Guru Nanak Agri. Implements Mfrs.

Agricultural Implements, Potato Diggers, Potato Planter, Thrasher, Tiller, Seed Drill, Fertilizer Dril

New Swan Enterprises (Agro Division)

Rotavator, Seeder, Potato Harvestor, Roto Seeder, Fertilizer Spreader & Potato Planter

Punjab Agri Impliment


Onion Transplanter, Bed Planter, Planter Machine, Rice Seeder 

Metalweld Engineering Pvt. Ltd.


Drum Seeder, Potato Planter, Mounted Disc Plough, Power Weeder, Rice Seeder, Subsoiler, Post Hole Digger, Laser Land Leveler, Tractor Trailer, Rotary Tiller, Cultivator, Multicrop Thresher 

Saasvin Traders


Seed Drill , Drum Seeder, Auger Digger, Shredding Machine, Brush Cutter, Power Sprayer, Heavy Duty Chaff Cutter, Mini Tiller, Garden Shredder, Tiller

Marshal Trading Co.

All type of Thresher Parts, Paddy Thresher, Automatic Potato Planter, Seed Drill Parts, Harrow Disc Parts

Black Stallion Training & Services Pvt. Ltd.

Land Leveler, Potato planter, Digger Etc.

Orange Farm Equipments

Tine Cultivator, Crop Thresher, Potato Grader, Potato Planter, Seed Drill Machine, Reversible Plough, Straw Loader, Potato Digger, etc. 

Mewa Agri. Works

Straw Reaper, Harambha Thresher, Hydraulic Trolley, Harrow, Potato Planter & Digger

B.S.A. Engineering & Mechanical Works

Harvester Combine, Straw Reaper, Rotavator, Seed Drill, Potato Planter


Wheat Reaper, Power Reaper, Straw Reaper, Seed Drill, Happy Seed Drill, Potato Planter & Potato Digger

Gobind Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Reaper, thresher, leveller, rotavator, potato planter, sugarcane planter, MB plough, disc plough, cultivator, disc harrow, chaff cutter, stubble shaver, zero-till drill, straw reaper, grain combine, ridger