Harambha thresher, tractor mounted reaper, self-propelled reaper, paddy thresher, sunflower thresher, potato planter, straw reaper, fodder harvester, fodder chopper-cumtrolley loader, potato digger 


Spray Pump, Reaper, Blower,  Chaff Cutter


Agricultural Straw Reaper, Agricultural Reaper, Agricultural Machinery Parts, Agricultural Rotavator


Kushwaha Engineering Works

Threshers, Reaper, Zero till drill, Paddy thresher, Trailer, Maize thresher, Leveller, Potato digger, Potato planter, Rotavator, Cultivator etc. 

Shyam Engineering  Works  

Cultivator, Land  Leveler, Disk Harrow,   Mb Plough, Bund  Former, Mech. Rev. Mb Plough, Paddy Reaper, Post Hole Digger. 

Captain Tractors Pvt. Ltd.

All Type Of Tillage  Implements, Mini  Tractor, Sickle, Dibbler,  Single & Double Wheel  Weeder, Post Hole Digger, Grapes  Sprayer, Automatic  Seed Drill, Rotary  Tiller, Thresher,  Leveler, Automatic  Seed Cum Fertilizer  Drill, Sprayer Pump,  Horticulture Sprayer, Furrow Attachment,  Power Reaper, Trailer.

Khedut Agro Engineering

Rev. Hyd. Plough, Ox  Plough, Disc Plough,  Chisel Plough, Manual  Seeder, Animal Drawn  Seeder, Power Tiller  Seeder, Tractor  Mounted Seeder, Rice  Transplanter, Fertilizer  Spreader, Sprayer  Pump,  Cono Weeder,  Power Weeder,  Reaper, Reaper Binder

Parambeer Engineers & Manufacturers

Harambha thresher, Tractor mounted reaper, Self propelled reaper, Paddy thresher, Sunflower thresher, Potato planter, Straw reaper, Fodder harvester, Fodder chopper-cum-trolley loader, Potato digger etc.  

Vigneswara Altek Engineers

Power tiller operated seed-cum-fertilizer drill,  Trencher, Boom sprayer, Till planter for cotton,  Heavy duty auger digger, Turmeric harvester,  Cup feed seed planter, Axial flow pump, Groundnut thresher, Self-propelled reaper, Selfpropelled fodder harvester, Groundnut digger elevator

Hrushikesk Agro Machinery Co.

Power weeder, brush cutter, selfpropelled reaper, power tillers, ridger, trolley, sprayer, chaff cutter, rotavator, post hole digger,  

Vijay Engg. & Machinery Co.

Reaper, weeder, rotary tiller, brush cutter  

Southern Agro Engine (P) Ltd.

Power weeder, rice transplanter, sprayer, brush cutter, power reaper 

Incon Engineers Limited

Multicrop thresher, Paddy thresher, Rotavator, Self-propelled reaper, Puddler, Paddy row seeder, Jatropha thresher, Caster thresher, Sunflower thresher and Other agricultural implements

Karshak Industries

Multicrop thresher, Paddy thresher, Rotavator, Self-propelled reaper, Puddler, Paddy row seeder, Jatropha thresher, Caster thresher, Sunflower thresher, Maize sheller etc.

Karshak & Sons

Multicrop thresher, Paddy thresher, Rotavator, Self-propelled reaper, Puddler, Paddy row seeder, Jatropha thresher, Caster thresher, Sunflower thresher etc.

Mekins Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.

Multicrop thresher, Paddy thresher, Rotavator, Self-propelled reaper, Puddler, Paddy row seeder, Jatropha thresher, Caster thresher, Sunflower thresher etc.

Punjab Agri Industries

Reaper, Multi Seed Drill, Zero-till drill,  Rotavator, Maize thresher, Multi crop thresher, Paddy thresher, Straw reaper, Disc harrow, MB plough 

Viswakarma Engineering Company

Multicrop thresher, Paddy thresher, Rotavator, Self-propelled reaper, Puddler, Paddy row seeder, Jatropha thresher, Caster thresher, Sunflower thresher etc

Satnam Agro Industry

Reaper, Multi seed drills, Maize thresher, Strain reaper, harrow disc etc. 

Kisan Engineering Company

Threshers, Rotavator, Reaper,Cultivator, Leveler, Zero till drill, planters etc.

Ma Durga Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.

Self-propelled reaper, Power tiller and other agricultural implements

Sunlight Foundary

Sugarcane planter, Chaff cutter, Cultivator, Cane crusher, Disc harrow, Multicrop thresher, Reaper

Valampuri Industries

IRRI model paddy harvester, Groundnut thresher, Groundnut decorticator, Arecanut dehusker, Paddy winnower, Power weeder, Groundnut stripper, Seed drill, Paddy thresher and rectangular bin dryer, Power tiller operated seed-cum-fertilizer drill, Self-propelled reaper, Groundnut digger elevator 

Trident Farm Implements Pvt. Ltd

Rotavator, cultivator, post hole digger, reaper, power weeder, bed maker

Sree Jayamurugan Agro Links

Slasher, Chaff cutter, Rotavator, Reaper, Post hole digger, Shredder

Jayessar Equipment Private Ltd

Kishan Sakthi power tiller (14.5 hp), Power tiller operated rotary tiller, Rotary cutter, Reaper, Trailer and Sugarcane earthing up equipment

Fortune Agro Equipments

Power weeders, Manual power operated reapers, Power sprayers

Govind Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Vertical conveyer reaper, Thresher, Leveller, Rotavator, Potato planter, Sugarcane planter, MB plow, Disc plough, cultivator, disc harrow, Chaff cutter, windowing fan, power cane crusher, Stuble shaver, Zero-till drill, Straw reaper, Grain combine, Pump, Ridger

Kerala Agro Machinery Corpn. Ltd.

Power tiller 9 hp, 12 hp (DI), Self-propelled reaper KAMCO Power Tiller KMB 200 KAMCO Super DI Power Tiller KAMCO Power Reaper KR 120M

Lakshmi Agro Industries

Cultivators, Disc harrow, Seed drill, Tractor drawn reaper, Thresher

Laxmi Steel Fabs

Self-propelled reaper, Tractor front mounted reaper, Thresher, Pump, Leveller, Seed-ferti drill etc.

Prakash Agro Industries

Cultivators, Seed drill, Tractor drawn vertical conveyer reaper, Thresher, Tractor drawn trolley

Madho Agro Industries

Wheat cutter thresher, Paddy thresher, Sunflower thresher, Harabha thresher, Seed cleaner, Shrub master, Straw reaper, Seed drill, Zero-till drill, Rotavator, Potato planter, Disc harrow, Cultivator etc

Swathi Industries

Multicrop thresher, IRRI Model paddy transplanter, Tractor and animal drawn seed drill, Groundnut decorticator, Self-propelled reaper

Sehmbi Agro Industries

Potato planter, Potato grader, Potato planter, Sunflower thresher, Wheat thresher, Seed drills, Reaper, Cultivator etc.

Choudhary Agro Engineering Works

Tractor operated reaper

Gurunanak Industries Sales Corp.

Self-propelled vertical conveyer Reaper, Vertical conveyer reaper tractor front mounted, Forage harvester, Straw chopper, Trash slasher and All kinds of agricultural implements and gardening tools.

Himani Agro Industries

Trolley, planter, cultivator, V-pass, plough, reaper, leveler, duck foot cultivator, seed drill, hood, hook, ploug, weeder

Darolya International Pvt. Ltd

Tractor operated rotavator, combine harvesters, threshers, reaper, agriculture trailers, disc harrow, disc plough, tillers, cultivator, maize sheller, baler, tractor mounted sprayer, knapsack sprayers.

Vinod Agriculture Industries

Cultivator, Plough, Thresher, Trolley, Gading machine, Reaper, Leveller

Cooch Behar Auto Works

Reaper, mini power tiller

Star Mechanical Works

Cultivator, Trolley, Thresher, Reaper

Bharat Krishi Yantra Udyog

Cultivator, Seed drill, Sprayers, Front mounted vertical conveyer reaper, Rear mounted reaper, Threshers, ploughs, trolleys, pumpsets etc.

Guru Agro Industries

Disc harrow, rotavator, Bt. cotton planter, multi-crop planter, tractor operated sprayer, tractor front mounted vertical conveyor reaper, self-propelled vertical conveyor reaper, straw reaper, sugarcane leaf chopper cum spreader, chaff cutter.

Hind Agro Implements

Plough, sub-soiler, cultivator, Bt. cotton planter, disc harrow, cultivator with puddler, rotavator, mulcher, seed cum fertilizer drill, laser land leveller, zero till seed cum fertilizer drill,planter,  paddy transplanter, tractor operated sprayer,self-propelled light weight sprayer, power spray pumps, tractor operated weeder, self-propelled weeder, tractor front mounted vertical conveyor reaper, potato digger, paddy thresher, straw reaper, chaff cutter

Rahul Enterprises


Golden agriculture Works


Laddi Agro Industries


Sindhuja Tractors

Agricultural Implements, Tractor, Tractor Cage Wheel, Cultivator, Power Reaper, Reversible Plough, Land Leveler, Disc Harrow, Subsoiler

Pooja Automobiles

Agricultural Implements, Tractor, Tractor Cage Wheel, Cultivator, Power Reaper, Reversible Plough, Land Leveler, Disc Harrow, Subsoiler

Balkar Combines

Maize Combine Harvester, Agricultural Implement, Agricultural Equipment, Laser Land Leveler, Straw Reaper, Multicrop Thresher, Power Reaper, Mini Combine Harvester

Thakurji Agency

Fertilizer Drill, Mini Harvester, Seed Drill, Multicrop Thresher, Agricultural Plough, Power Reaper

Direct Power Tools

Lawn Mower, Mini Harvester, Agricultural Equipment, Power Tiller, Power Weeder, Power Reaper,Agricultural Sprayer


Brush cutters, Grass cutters, Mini harvester, Tractor mounted combine harvester, Agricultural reaper, Crop cutter, Mini power tiller, Weeder, Tractor driven harvester, Electric grass cutter, Harvesting machine

Vishwa Karma Industries


Agricultural Equipment, Paddy Thresher, Agricultural Machinery, Reversible Plough, Groundnut Thresher  Multicrop Thresher, Thresher, Paddy Reaper, Seed Drill, Mounted Disc Plough

Hitech Motors


Rushi Agro Industries


Water Pump, Rotavator, Potato Planter, Rotary Tiller, Chaff Cutter,  Thresher, Corn Thresher, Plough, Rotavator Blade, Rotavator Shaft Nut, Disc Harrow, Groundnut Thresher, Rotavator Spare Part, Automatic Seed Drill, Land Leveller, Paddy Reaper, Multicrop Thresher, Cultivator, Power Reaper

Veda Farm Impliments Pvt Ltd


Power Tiller, Seed Drill, Bed Planter, Rice Transplanter, Reversible Plough, Power Weeder, Happy Seeder, Maize Cattle Feed, Rice Seeder, Agricultural Plough, Power Reaper, Motorized Weeder, Fertilizer Drill, Mould Board Plough

Metalweld Engineering Pvt. Ltd.


Drum Seeder, Potato Planter, Mounted Disc Plough, Power Weeder, Rice Seeder, Subsoiler, Post Hole Digger, Laser Land Leveler, Tractor Trailer, Rotary Tiller, Cultivator, Multicrop Thresher 

Saasvin Traders


Seed Drill , Drum Seeder, Auger Digger, Shredding Machine, Brush Cutter, Power Sprayer, Heavy Duty Chaff Cutter, Mini Tiller, Garden Shredder, Tiller



Andy industries


Gold Star Agro Industries



Reaper, Rotavator, Seed Drill, Cultivator

Sun Shine Agro Ind. (Regd.)

Reaper & Other Agri. Implements

Bharat Raj Mechanical Works

Harambha Thresher, Wheat Thresher, Reaper, Harrow, Cultivator, Rotavator

Jai Forging Industries

All Types Of Agriculture Machine Parts, Seed Drill, Reaper, Tractor, Auto Parts, Rotavator, Gear Set, PTO Shafts


Seed Drill, Reaper, Cultivator, Leveler, Disc Harrow

Laddi Reaper



Wheat Reaper, Power Reaper, Straw Reaper, Seed Drill, Happy Seed Drill, Potato Planter & Potato Digger

New Channy Agro Industries

Harvester Combine & Reaper, Combine & Parts


Harvester Combine Verms, Reaper , Auger Verm, Front Auger Kuppee, Helper Patti & Agri Implements


Trolly, Seedrill, Cultivator, Reper and Etc ..

AP State Agro industries Development Corporation

Multicrop Thresher, Paddy Thresher, Rotavator, Self-Propelled Reaper, Puddler, Paddy Row Seeder, Jatropha Thresher, Caster Thresher, Sunflower Thresher and Other Agricultural Implements

Shree GL Agrotech

Balkar Combined Harvesters & Straw reaper, Power Sprayer, Power Reaper, Rotary Tiller, Fertilisers, Pesticides & Bio Fertilsers

Greaves Cotton Ltd.

Power Tiller 14.3 hp, Power Operated Reaper, Rotary Tiller, Power Saw, Plough

Lakshmi Industries

Tractor Drawn Reaper , Thresher Tractor Drawn Duck Foot Cultivators , Tractor Drawn Seed Drill,  Tractor Drawn Thresher (3.8-18.75 kW), Tractor Drawn Trolley

BCS India Pvt. Ltd.

Reaper Binder, Cono weeder, Disc mower

West Bengal Agro-Industries Corporation Ltd

Paddy thresher, garden tiller, sprayer, drum seeder, power tiller, vertical conveyor reaper

Shree Ambica Iron Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Power driven harvester, reaper, power tiller

Agro Equipment Division

Reaper, thresher

Kissan Krishi Yantra

Thresher, rotavator, reaper, zero till seed drill

Gobind Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Reaper, thresher, leveller, rotavator, potato planter, sugarcane planter, MB plough, disc plough, cultivator, disc harrow, chaff cutter, stubble shaver, zero-till drill, straw reaper, grain combine, ridger

Vishwakarma Industries

Multi-crop thresher, paddy thresher, rotavator, self-propelled reaper, puddler, paddy row seeder, jatropha thresher, castor thresher, sunflower thresher


Agricultural Implements, Self Combine, Cultivators, Harrow, Reaper, Thresher, Seed Drill And Trolley.

Dasmesh Casting

Chaff cutter, CI casting, reverse gear box, forward gear box, thresher pulley, reaper, combine pulley, CI Casting , Agriculture Parts

Trimurti Agro Machinary

Power Tiller, Thresher Machine, Rotavator Parts, Reaper Binder, etc.