Spray Pumps


Spray Pumps, Pesticides

Kheti Sewa Centre

Spray Pumps & Sprinklers, Pesticides, Insecticides


Agricultural Spray Pump & Spray Guns


Spray Pump, Reaper, Blower,  Chaff Cutter

Bhagwati Krushi Udhyog

Garden Tools, Castor  Thresher, Chaff Cutter,  Manual & Battery  Spray Pump,  Rotavator, Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill, Laser  Leveler, Cultivator, Cono Weeder, MultiCrop Thresher.  

Adarsh Plant Protect Limited

Battery operated Knapsack Sprayer,  Barrels, Community  Cook Stove, Seed  Dressing Drum, Hand  Rotary Duster, Rocking  Sprayer,  Fertilizer Broadcaster, Foot Sprayer 

Benson Agro Engineering

Power weeder with attachment like rotary tiiler, cultivator, Shredder for agricultural waste, Sprayer, ridger, Wild grass cutter, Lawn mower (Electric and diesel operated), Cycle hoe, Coconut dehusker, Serrated sickles  

Agro Commercial Consortium Machines Pvt. Ltd

Power tiller operated seed-cum-fertilizer drill, Bar harrow, Shrub master, rotary plough, sprayers, post-hole diggers, grass cutter, rotavator, fodder cutter-cum-loader, etc.

Agro Equipments

Power tiller operated seed-cum-fertilizer drill, Bar harrow, Shrub master, rotary plough, sprayers, post-hole diggers, grass cutter, rotavator, fodder cutter-cum-loader, etc

Khedut Agro Engineering

Rev. Hyd. Plough, Ox  Plough, Disc Plough,  Chisel Plough, Manual  Seeder, Animal Drawn  Seeder, Power Tiller  Seeder, Tractor  Mounted Seeder, Rice  Transplanter, Fertilizer  Spreader, Sprayer  Pump,  Cono Weeder,  Power Weeder,  Reaper, Reaper Binder

Green Field Agro Equipments

Power tiller operated weeder, sowing, spraying, pumping, harvesting and towing equipment, power sprayers & pump, diesel engines

Vigneswara Altek Engineers

Power tiller operated seed-cum-fertilizer drill,  Trencher, Boom sprayer, Till planter for cotton,  Heavy duty auger digger, Turmeric harvester,  Cup feed seed planter, Axial flow pump, Groundnut thresher, Self-propelled reaper, Selfpropelled fodder harvester, Groundnut digger elevator

Sadhu Agro Industries

Tractor operated inclined plate planter for sowing Bt. / Hybrid cotton, Zero-till drill, Power sprayers, Bund maker, Cultivator 

Greaves Cotton Ltd

Power driven harvester, mini combine harvester, inter cultivator, power tiller brush cutter, power sprayer, duster, sprayer, reaper, paddy transplanter  

Gurudatta Agro. Agencies &  Services

Power tiller, brush cutter, pit digger, battery operated sprayer 

Utkrishth Tiller Sales Pvt.Ltd.

Inter cultivator, tiller, brush cutter, chain saw, sprayer 

Southern Agro Engine (P) Ltd.

Power weeder, rice transplanter, sprayer, brush cutter, power reaper 

M.N. Agro Industries

Power Weeder, Paddy Weeder, Battery Spray Pump, Sugarcane Weeder, Rotary Power Tiller, Bicycle Wheel Spray Pump.

Richfield International

Battery Operated Sprayer

Ramdev Agro Engg.

Thresher, Rotavator, Cultivator, Battery operated Sprayer.

Jayant Agro Industries

Mini Tractor operated Sprayer & Agricultural Machinery.

Riteset Industries  

Tractor drawn plough, Tractor drawn disc harrow, Tractor drawn seed drill, Power operated groundnut thresher, Power operated multicrop thresher, Wheel hoe, Manual winnower, Manual sickles, manually operated maize sheller, manually operated chaff cutter, manually operated groundnut decorticator and other horticultural tools, ANGRAU selfpropelled boom sprayer. 

National Machinery Stores

Rotavator, sprayers, power tiller, dal mill, threshers

Universal Industries

Rotavator, Sprayer, Fibre extraction, Fibre crushing machine.

Fortune Agro Equipments

Power weeders, Manual power operated reapers, Power sprayers

Jai Kisan Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

Manual & power operated sprayers, Knapsack sprayers, Air assisted sprayer

Sri Renuka Udyog


SV Rangaswamy & Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Sprayers, dusters, Spray nozzles

Varsha Associates

Power tillers, Mini tractors, MB plough. Disc plough. Cultivator, Rotavator, Seed-cumfertilizer drill, Thresher, Sprayers, Reversible plow, Cultivator, Harrow, Irrigation equipment

ASPEE Group of Companies

All types of manually operated power operated, self-propelled and tractor operated sprayers

Bhoraste Agro Implements

Power tiller sprayer and trailer

Padgilwar Company

Maize thresher, Paddy thresher, Multicrop thresher, Groundnut thresher, Sprayers, Animaldrawn sprayers

Padsons Industries (P) Ltd.

Threshers, Animal-drawn sprayers, Power sprayers, Gas delinting plant, Complete range of processing machinery for seeds and grain

Amar Agricultural Implements Works

Multicrop thresher, Sunflower thresher, Maize dehusker-cum-sheller, Self-propelled sprayer, Power weeder, Small tractor Amar 240 DI

Indo German Agricultural Sprayers & Pressing Works

All types of sprayers, dusters and blowers

Khalsa Farm Equipments,

Sugarcane planter, ridger fertilizer unit, interculture fertilizer in sows and reapthening all in one, boom sprayer, fertilizer broad casting field, cleaning jaal, paired row ridger with fertilizer unit, sugarcane silt cutter, inter crop with sugarcane chisel, bullock drawn sugarcane planter.

Sujatha Agro Equipments Pvt Ltd

All type of sprayers

Kumaresh Agencies

Garden tools, Power tiller, Power weeder, Power saw, Power auger, Sprayers

Bhanumathe Agencies

All types of sprayers.

Gursukh Agro Works

Orchard sprayer, Aeroblast sprayer

Greaves Agro Equipment

Power sprayer, brush cutter, inter cultivator, power driven harvester, mini combine harvester.

Swamy Agro Industries

Power tiller, Plough, Trailer, Raised bed maker, Sprayer, Thresher.

Aggarwal Pump & Pipe

Rotavator, tractor operated sprayer

Angrej Haryana Agri. Works

Cultivator, zero till seed cum fertilizer drill, Bt. cotton planter, tractor operated sprayer, disc harrow

Rama Machineries

Power operated H.T.P. sprayers

Nahush Krushi Yantriki Seva

Battery operated knapsack sprayer

B. K. & Brother Agri. Works

Tractor operated sprayer

B.S. Uttam Agri. Implements Works

Cultivator, seed cum fertilizer drill, Bt. cotton planter, tractor operated sprayer

Balaji Agro Works

Cultivator, seed cum fertilizer drill, tractor operated sprayer

Beniwal Agril. Works

Tractor operated sprayer

Bhai Chara Krishi Yanter

Tractor operated sprayer

Darolya International Pvt. Ltd

Tractor operated rotavator, combine harvesters, threshers, reaper, agriculture trailers, disc harrow, disc plough, tillers, cultivator, maize sheller, baler, tractor mounted sprayer, knapsack sprayers.

Datta Agro Works

Rotavator, cultivator, seed cum fertilizer drill, disc harrow, Bt. cotton planter, multi-crop planter, tractor operated sprayer

Deepak Stainless Steel Engg.

Tractor operated sprayer

Bharat Krishi Yantra Udyog

Cultivator, Seed drill, Sprayers, Front mounted vertical conveyer reaper, Rear mounted reaper, Threshers, ploughs, trolleys, pumpsets etc.

Vijaya Shree Agencies and Pragathi Enterprises

Sprayers, Tillers, Trailers, Ploughs, Seed drills

Gorakh Agri. Works

Cultivator, seed cum fertilizer drill, Bt. cotton planter, zero till seed cum fertilizer drill, disc harrow, tractor operated sprayer

Goyal Agri. Implement Industries

Cultivator, disc harrow, seed cum fertilizer drill, tractor operated sprayer

Guru Kirpa Agro Industries

Cultivator, seed cum fertilizer drill, disc harrow, tractor operated sprayer

Hari Agro Implements

Rotavator, tractor operated sprayer

Hind Agro Implements

Plough, sub-soiler, cultivator, Bt. cotton planter, disc harrow, cultivator with puddler, rotavator, mulcher, seed cum fertilizer drill, laser land leveller, zero till seed cum fertilizer drill,planter,  paddy transplanter, tractor operated sprayer,self-propelled light weight sprayer, power spray pumps, tractor operated weeder, self-propelled weeder, tractor front mounted vertical conveyor reaper, potato digger, paddy thresher, straw reaper, chaff cutter

J.P. Jakhar Laser Land Leveler

Cultivator, rotavator, laser land leveler, zero till seed cum fertilizer drill, tractor operated sprayer, straw reaper

J.S. Haramba Thresher

Seed cum fertilizer drill, tractor operated sprayer

Jabal Agriculture Works

Zero till seed cum fertilizer drill, tractor operated sprayer

Khalsa Engg. Works

Tractor operated inclined plate planter for sowing Bt. / Hybrid cotton, Zero-till drill, Thresher, Sprayers

Kisan Blower Udyog

Tractor operated air carrier sprayer

Surat Exim Pvt Ltd

SPRAYERS, DC Water Pump, Solar Ceiling Fan, Grass Trimmer, Battery box

Roy Chemicals

Insecticides, Knapsack Sprayer, Agricultural Pesticides, Garden Sprayer, Agricultural Power Sprayer, Power Sprayer

Shree Ganesh Seeds

Spray Pumps, Agricultural Pesticides, Agriculture Seeds, Hybrid Seeds, Insecticides, Agricultural Fertilizers, Animal Feed,  Castor Seeds

Labdhi International

Lawn Mower, Agricultural Plough, Power Tiller, Cultivator, Agricultural Sprayer Pump, Garden Tool, Brush Cutter, Combine Harvester, Grass Cutter, Hedge Trimmer, Rotary Tiller, Power Sprayer

Ma Shyama Agro Industries

Mini Harvester, Seed Drill, Agricultural Implement, Agricultural Equipment, Cono Weeder, Wheel Hoe Weeder, Knapsack Power Sprayer

B M Works

Agricultural Equipment, Auger Digger, Power Weeder,  Disc Harrow, Agricultural Implement, Brush Cutter, Brush Cutter Blade, Lawn Mower, Garden Tiller, Garden Shredder, Agricultural Sprayer, Cultivator, Grass Trimmer, Land Leveller, Mini Harvester

Direct Power Tools

Lawn Mower, Mini Harvester, Agricultural Equipment, Power Tiller, Power Weeder, Power Reaper,Agricultural Sprayer

Agriconic Machineries Pvt Ltd

Agri. Equipment, Agri. Product, Seed Drill, Chaff Cutter, Tractor Trolley, Paddy Thresher, Disc Plough, Plough, Corn Thresher, Rotavator Side Plate, Trolley, Spray Pump

Taurus Agritech Pvt Ltd


Saasvin Traders


Seed Drill , Drum Seeder, Auger Digger, Shredding Machine, Brush Cutter, Power Sprayer, Heavy Duty Chaff Cutter, Mini Tiller, Garden Shredder, Tiller

Inder Electricals

Vibrator, Building Machinery, Portable Generators, Lawn Mower, Brush Cutter, Chain Saw, Agricultural Power Sprayer

Flo Agriculture Equipments



Seeds, Pesticides, Spray Pumps, Garden Tools & Flower Seeds


Vegetable Transplanting Device, Seed Cum Fertilizer Dibbler, Manual Wheel Hoe Weeders, Cono Weeder, BRUSH CUTTER, Powder Weeder, Agricultural Equipments, Agriculture Sprayer

Neptune Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

Battery Sprayer, Power Sprayer, Manual Sprayer, HTP Sprayer, Hand Sprayer, Pressure Hose, Brush Cutter, Lawn Mower, Neptune Weeders

Vijay Krushi Avajare


Agrimart Mega


Agricultural Equipment, Chaff Cutter Machine, Sprinkler Irrigation System, Fogging Machine, Agricultural Sprayer, Power Tiller, Hedge Trimmer, Chain Saw, Garden Shredder

Blue Stallion Equipments Pvt Ltd


Really Agritech Private Limited

Brushcutters, Earth Augers, Water Pump, Power Sprayers & Other Agricultural Equipments

Vaasu Agro Inputs

Agricultural Sprayer & Parts


All Kind Agriculture Sprayer

Vijaya Shree Agencies and Pragathi Enterprises

Sprayers, Tillers, Trailers, Ploughs, Seed Drills

Signet Industries Ltd.

Pipes, Bund & Sprinkler Irrigation System, Spray Pump, Krats, Furniture

Greaves Agro Equipment

Pump set, Power Sprayer, Brush Cutter, Inter Cultivator , Power Driven Harvester, Mini Combine Harvester

The Bombay Mill Stores


Expo Engineering

Thresher, sprayer

S.V. Rangaswamy & Co (P) Limited

Sprayer, power weeder, walk behind horticulture equipment

Greaves Agro Equipment

Power sprayer, brush cutter, inter cultivator, power driven harvester, mini combine harvester


Hand Tools, Agricultural Implements, Agri. Spray Pumps, Bearings & Fasteners

Auto Electro Manufacturing Company

Spray Pump

Thomson Agro Industries

Spray Pump

Saurashtra Polybags Pvt Ltd

Spray Pump

Aakar Exports Pvt Ltd.

Agriculture Sprayers, Knapsack Sprayer, Agricultural Herbicide Sprayer, Ulv Sprayers (hand & Battery Operated Sprayer).


Agricultural Implements, Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Plough, Agricultural Spray Pumps,a Agricultural Tillers Agricultural Tools


Agricultural Sprayers

Maico Agricutural Sprayer & Nozzle

Spray Pumps, Nozzle and Spare Parts

Godavari Products

Agricultural Spray Pumps

Jagatsukh Industries (Regd.)

Garden Tools, Agriculture Parts, Spray Pump

Vinglob Greentech

Agriculture Equipment, Fogging Machine, Chaff Cutter Machine, Spray Pump, Chaff Cutter, Seed drill

National Engg. Works

Agriculture Power Sprayer, High Pressure Plunger Pumps, Garage Equip., Boiler Feeding, Chemical Injection Agriculture, Farm Machines & Tools

American Spring & Pressing Works

AGRICULTURE SPRAYERS & DUSTERS Agriculture, Farm Machines & Tools

Balaji Overseas

Seamless Pipes & Tubes for PTO Shaft, HTP Agriculture Power Spray Pumps.