Chain saw, Prunners, Hedge trimmers, Blowers, Vacuum cleaners, Bio shredders, Lawn mowers, Brush cutters, Garden tractors, Water pumps, Mist blowers, Sprayers, Shakers, High presser washers, Rotary tillers, Augers, Power weeders, Fogging machine etc. 

Vigneswara Altek Engineers

Power tiller operated seed-cum-fertilizer drill,  Trencher, Boom sprayer, Till planter for cotton,  Heavy duty auger digger, Turmeric harvester,  Cup feed seed planter, Axial flow pump, Groundnut thresher, Self-propelled reaper, Selfpropelled fodder harvester, Groundnut digger elevator

Green Planet Machines Pvt.Ltd.

Electric lawn mower, rotary cultivator, garden blower, chain saw, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, petrol lawn mower, electric trimmer, rotary tiller, battery shear, electric chipper mulcher (bio power), free clip manual lawn mower with grass catcher, garden compact small ride-on-mower

Greaves Cotton Ltd

Power driven harvester, mini combine harvester, inter cultivator, power tiller brush cutter, power sprayer, duster, sprayer, reaper, paddy transplanter  

Gurudatta Agro. Agencies &  Services

Power tiller, brush cutter, pit digger, battery operated sprayer 

Hrushikesk Agro Machinery Co.

Power weeder, brush cutter, selfpropelled reaper, power tillers, ridger, trolley, sprayer, chaff cutter, rotavator, post hole digger,  

Vijay Engg. & Machinery Co.

Reaper, weeder, rotary tiller, brush cutter  

Farm Implements (I) Pvt. Ltd

Ratoon manager, pit digger, sugarcane planter, sugarcane harvester, rotavator, single row power tiller operated sugarcane planter, leaf stripper-cum-detopper, baler, brush cutter, rota slasher, forage harvester, post hole digger, cane pitter, tea harvester, tea pruner, cultivator  

Kavi Agro Agency

Combine harvester, rice transplanter (walking & riding models), power weeder, brush cutter, rotary tiller, 

Premier Power Equipments & Product Pvt. Ltd

Paddy weeder, brush cutter, power weeder, super power tiller, weeder, mini-weeder, rice transplanter, agriweed cutter  

Valarpirai Agencies

Chaff cutter, brush cutter, power tiller   

Honda Siel Power Products Ltd

Brush cutter, rotary tiller, rotary power weeder  

Maxtone Petrochemicals

Power tiller, power weeder

Tata Steel Ltd.

Power weeder cum cultivator, rotary tiller, seed cum fertilizer drill, gardening tools  

Mausam Agro Pvt.Ltd.

Seed drill (Manual/animal/tractor/ power tiller)

M.N. Agro Industries

Power Weeder, Paddy Weeder, Battery Spray Pump, Sugarcane Weeder, Rotary Power Tiller, Bicycle Wheel Spray Pump.

Tirth Agro Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Rotary Tiller, Rotavator, Post Hole Digger, Rotary Plough, Rotary Slasher, Rotary Shredder, MultiPurpose Hydraulic Platform, Fertilizer Spreader

Dharti Agro Engineering

Mini Tractor Operated Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill, Tractor Operated Seed Drill, Tractor Mounted Seed Planter, Cultivator, Rev. Plough, Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill, Ox Driven Seed Drill, Manual Operated Seed Drill, Tractor
Operated Zero Till Cum Fertilizer Drill, Tractor Operated  And Cotton Planter, Power Tiller, Seed Cum Fertilizer With Patli System.

Datar Krushi

Tractor, Power Tiller

Atlantis Agritech Pvt. Ltd

Rotary Tiller, Post Hole Digger, Sugarcane Stubble Shaver, P T O Joint Assembly.

AC Agro Technology

Rotary Tiller.

Umiya Agriculture Ind.

Garden Tools, Single /Multi Speed Rotary Tiller, Thresher And All Type Of Agriculture Machinery

Shakti Agriculture Ind.

Mb Plough, Cultivator, Thresher, Trailer

Kiran Corporation

All Type Of Agriculture Machinery, Single/ Multi Speed Rotary Tiller.

Bhagwati Agriculture

Tractor, Power Tiller

Sucha Singh & Bros

Straw reaper, harambha thresher, multicrop cutter thresher, multicrop thresher, multicrop seed-cum-fertilizer drill, zero-till drill, potato planter, potato digger, tiller, ridger, stubble shaver, lawn mover, chaff cutter, fertilizer  spreader, carat washer 

Sri Sai Agencies

Power till and other agricultural implements

Ma Durga Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.

Self-propelled reaper, Power tiller and other agricultural implements

Sarachi Agricultural Equipment Ltd

Power tiller  

Premier Magnetos

Power tiller operated seed-cum-fertilizer drill, Paddy thresher, Cono weeder, Knapsack sprayer, Honey extractor & fumigator, Decorticator, Rope making machine, Paddy drum seeder, Animal drawn puddler, Wheel hoe, Ploughs, Groundnut stripper-cum-decorticator 

Ganga Motors Farm Equipment Division

Power tiller with sprayer, trailer, pumping and rotary attachment Ganga Sifang GN-121-15 Power tiller.

National Machinery Stores

Rotavator, sprayers, power tiller, dal mill, threshers

Bengal Tools Ltd

Power tillers, Self-propelled reaper (Harvester)

Manak Agriculture Implement

Harrow, Tiller, Trolley, Thresher

Guru Nanak Gramin Krishi Udhyog

Harrow, Tiller, Trolley, Thresher

A-One Agriculture Industries

Harrow, Tiller, Trolley, Thresher

Akhatari Agriculture Works

Harrow, Tiller, Trolley, Thresher

Valampuri Industries

IRRI model paddy harvester, Groundnut thresher, Groundnut decorticator, Arecanut dehusker, Paddy winnower, Power weeder, Groundnut stripper, Seed drill, Paddy thresher and rectangular bin dryer, Power tiller operated seed-cum-fertilizer drill, Self-propelled reaper, Groundnut digger elevator 

Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt. Ltd.

Power tiller, paddy transplanter, power weeder

Bismillah Engineering Works

Tillers, Cage wheel, Seed-cum-fertilizer drill

Jayessar Equipment Private Ltd

Kishan Sakthi power tiller (14.5 hp), Power tiller operated rotary tiller, Rotary cutter, Reaper, Trailer and Sugarcane earthing up equipment

Anusham Farm Machinery & Power Equipments Pvt. Ltd

Power tiller (LWS 500 and LAS 401) with attachments such as weeder, ridger, turmeric harvester, earthing up & fertilizer applicator etc.

Manjara Agri Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Tiller, Trailer, Cage wheel, Seed-cum-ferti drill

Rohan Agro Indutries

Dal mill, Oil expeller, Power tiller, Cotton ginning machine, Flour & grinding machine, Groundnut thresher, Groundnut decorticator, Chilly powder machine, Chaff cutter, Whole sugarcane planter, Rice mill, Multicrop thresher, Oil engines, Paddy thresher, Self-feed thresher

Saptagiri Enterprises

Power operated reaper, Rotary tiller, Power saw, Multifunction machine, power weeder, plows, seed-ferti drill, reversible plow, multi crop thresher, sprayers etc.

Shah Machinery Stores

Dal mill, Oil expeller, Power tiller, Cotton ginning machine, Flour & grinding machine, Groundnut thresher, Groundnut decorticator, Chilly powder machine, Chaff cutter, Whole sugarcane planter, Rice mill, Multicrop thresher,

Soharr India Agro Division (Regd.)

Power tiller

Souza Sifang Agro Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Power tiller and matching equipment

Sri Raghavendra Engineering Works

Trailer, Rotavator, Leveler, M.B. plow, Cultivator, Seed drill, Tillers

V.S.T. Tillers Tractors Ltd.

Power tiller, Power tiller operated seed-cumfertilizer drill, weeder, Rice transplanter etc. Mitsubishi Shakti MT180D Tractor

Kerala Agro Machinery Corpn. Ltd.

Power tiller 9 hp, 12 hp (DI), Self-propelled reaper KAMCO Power Tiller KMB 200 KAMCO Super DI Power Tiller KAMCO Power Reaper KR 120M

Agro links

Power tillers, Spares, Agricultural Implements

Sunmoon Sleeves Pvt. Ltd.

Power tillers

Vishwa Karma Agro. Engg. Works

Harrow, Cultivator, Tiller, Trolley, Thresher etc.

Indtec Elektro Control

Kranti power tiller (15 hp) with 2 speed rotary attachment

Bharat Agriculture Works

Harrow, Tiller, Trolley, Thresher

Stitch Well Qualitex Pvt. Ltd.

Power tillers, Power weeders, Power saw

The National Engineering Co. (Madras) Pvt. Ltd.

Power tiller with 5-6 hp diesel engine with attachments, furrow plough, puddler, harrow etc.

Ramakumar Industries

Rotavator, Disc plough , Power tiller operated seed-cum-fertilizer drill, Tractor operated rotary weeder, Tractor operated twine auger digger sugarcane planter, Tractor operated post hole

Kumaresh Agencies

Garden tools, Power tiller, Power weeder, Power saw, Power auger, Sprayers

Farm Tech Engineering

Power tiller with multiple attachment

Dhevakane Enterprises

Rotavator, tiller etc.

Bharath Farm Implements

Heavy duty spring loaded tillers, rigid plough, bund former, disc harrow, disc plough, leveler, ridger, cage wheel.

Alpha Agro

Power tiller & spare parts

Uday Agency

Power tiller, Cultivator, Trailer

Cama Agencies

Tractor, power tiller

Gandevi Taluka Khedut Sah. Sangh Ltd.

Tractor, power tiller

Sandip Trade Wings

Power tiller, Trolley and other agricultural implements

Sagar Automobiles

Power tiller drawn implements

Oriental Engineering Company

Agricultural implements, Reversible plough, Roto tiller

Darolya International Pvt. Ltd

Tractor operated rotavator, combine harvesters, threshers, reaper, agriculture trailers, disc harrow, disc plough, tillers, cultivator, maize sheller, baler, tractor mounted sprayer, knapsack sprayers.

Tusker Farm Equipments (P) Ltd.

Imported power tiller

Cooch Behar Auto Works

Reaper, mini power tiller

Veer Engineering Works

Cultivator, seed drill, plough, harrow, ridger, tiller, trolley, thresher

Amar Head & Gears Mfg. Co.

Cultivator cum weeder, mini rotary tiller, rotavator, post hole digger, cultivator tynes

Reliable Motors

Combine harvester (Standard make), power tiller (Greaves make), agro equipment (Lemken make), agricultural equipment (Yanmar make)

Vijaya Shree Agencies and Pragathi Enterprises

Sprayers, Tillers, Trailers, Ploughs, Seed drills

BELL Agromoachina Ltd.

Rotary tller, Mini diggi, Mini rotary implement, Mini spike power harrow.

Bharat Foundry & Engineering Works

Blade harrow cum leveler, MB plough, tillers, cage wheel

Aero Export House

Land Leveler, Disc Harrow, Rigid Tiller. Disc Plough, Agricultural Trailer, Subsoiler, Cultivator, Agricultural Implements, Bund Maker, Spring Loaded Cultivator

Hemkiran Motors

John Deere Tractor, Rotary Tiller, Hydraulic Reversible Plough, Subsoiler, Planter


Pair Agroking

Disc Harrow, Spring Loaded Cultivator, Rotary Tiller, Land Leveler, Agricultural Trailer, Tractor Water Tanker, Harrow Discs, Subsoiler, Potato Planter

Farm Krafts

Maize Combine Harvester, Lawn Mower, Chain Saw, Power Tiller, Grass Cutting Machine, Hedge Trimmer

Padgilwar Corporations

Agricultural Equipment, Agricultural Implement, Mini Harvester, Rotary Tiller, Power Sprayer

A Plus Projects & Technology Pvt Ltd

Combine Harvester, Mini Harvester, Power Tiller, Paddy Harvester

Labdhi International

Lawn Mower, Agricultural Plough, Power Tiller, Cultivator, Agricultural Sprayer Pump, Garden Tool, Brush Cutter, Combine Harvester, Grass Cutter, Hedge Trimmer, Rotary Tiller, Power Sprayer

B M Works

Agricultural Equipment, Auger Digger, Power Weeder,  Disc Harrow, Agricultural Implement, Brush Cutter, Brush Cutter Blade, Lawn Mower, Garden Tiller, Garden Shredder, Agricultural Sprayer, Cultivator, Grass Trimmer, Land Leveller, Mini Harvester

Direct Power Tools

Lawn Mower, Mini Harvester, Agricultural Equipment, Power Tiller, Power Weeder, Power Reaper,Agricultural Sprayer

G D Hazra & Co

Tractor Part, U Bolt, Power Tiller, Tractor Blade, Mini Harvester, Cultivator, Tractor Rotavator


Brush cutters, Grass cutters, Mini harvester, Tractor mounted combine harvester, Agricultural reaper, Crop cutter, Mini power tiller, Weeder, Tractor driven harvester, Electric grass cutter, Harvesting machine

Green Agro Industries


Guru Nanak Agri. Implements Mfrs.

Agricultural Implements, Potato Diggers, Potato Planter, Thrasher, Tiller, Seed Drill, Fertilizer Dril

Metalweld Engineering Pvt. Ltd.


Drum Seeder, Potato Planter, Mounted Disc Plough, Power Weeder, Rice Seeder, Subsoiler, Post Hole Digger, Laser Land Leveler, Tractor Trailer, Rotary Tiller, Cultivator, Multicrop Thresher 

Saasvin Traders


Seed Drill , Drum Seeder, Auger Digger, Shredding Machine, Brush Cutter, Power Sprayer, Heavy Duty Chaff Cutter, Mini Tiller, Garden Shredder, Tiller



Vijay Krushi Avajare


Agrimart Mega


Agricultural Equipment, Chaff Cutter Machine, Sprinkler Irrigation System, Fogging Machine, Agricultural Sprayer, Power Tiller, Hedge Trimmer, Chain Saw, Garden Shredder

New Hind Combine

Harvester Combine, Paddy Harvester, Straw Reaper, Multicrop Thresher, Rotary Tiller, Mini Harvester Power Reaper, Self Propelled Combine Harvester

Hardev Agricultural Implements

Rotary Tiller, Roto Seeder, Haranbha Thresher, Straw Reaper, Zero Till Drill

Cub Exports International

Sheet metal components, CNC Turning components, Auto parts, Rotary tiller


Rotary Tiller

Shipra Agrotech Pvt Ltd

Power tiller, sprinkler irrigation, plant protection, equipments, fertilizer, biochemical, bio pesticides, seeds, green houses, tissue culture plant

Hari Krishna Farm Machinery

Tractor & Power Tiller

Gujrat Krishi Machinary Ltd.

Tractor & Power Tiller

Agro Developers

Tractor & Power Tiller

Gujrat Tractors

Tractor & Power Tiller


Tractor, Gensets, Harvester Combines: Track driven Axial Flow and Straw Walker, Rotary Tillers: 5 feet to 7 feet

Naveen Agro Industries

Tiller, Cage Wheel, Seed-cum-Ferti Drill

Greaves Cotton Ltd.

Power Tiller 14.3 hp, Power Operated Reaper, Rotary Tiller, Power Saw, Plough

Vijaya Shree Agencies and Pragathi Enterprises

Sprayers, Tillers, Trailers, Ploughs, Seed Drills

Rajendra Engineering Company

Power Tiller

Nipha Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Supreme Rotary Tiller, Rotary Tiller Blades, Cultivator Tines

Vishwakarma Agro. Engg. Works

Thresher, Cultivator, Harrow, Tiller, Trolley

Veer Agriculture Works

Harrow, Tillers, Trolley, Thresher

Jai Baba Vishavkarma Agro Industries

Agriculture Implements, Tractor Driven Combine Harvester, Rotary Tiller, etc.

West Bengal Agro-Industries Corporation Ltd

Paddy thresher, garden tiller, sprayer, drum seeder, power tiller, vertical conveyor reaper

Shree Ambica Iron Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Power driven harvester, reaper, power tiller

Vijay and Company

Cultivator, seed drill, harrow, ridger, tiller, trolley, thresher

Ashoka Implements

Cultivator, inter rotary cultivator tiller, reaper, power tiller, mould board plough, spring loaded tiller, medium sub soiler, land leveler

Sri Senthil Andavar Agro Agency

Mini tractor, spring loaded tillers, rigid tillers, power weeders, rotary tiller blades, rotary tillers, power tiller (Shakti), rotary plough, rice transplanter

SDF India Pvt. Ltd.

Hydraulically operated reversible MB plough, rotary tiller, cage wheel, spring loaded cultivator, offset disc harrow, tractor mounted harvester

Farm Equipments Corporation

Rotavator, rotary tiller


Agriculture Implement Like Cultivators, Tiller, Disc Harrows, Disc Plough, Rotary Tiller,Rotavator, Sub Soiler, Land Leveller, Tractor Trailer, Trator Trolley, Mould Board Plough and All Tractor

A. G. Agro Industries

Roatary Tiller

J. K. Tractors

Rotary Tillers, Rotavator & Vaibhav Brand Mini Tractors


Agricultural Implements, Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Plough, Agricultural Spray Pumps,a Agricultural Tillers Agricultural Tools


Agricultural Tillage Equipment, Rotary Tillers (Rotavator), Disc Harrows, Spring Loaded And Rigid Cultivators (Tillers), Laser Levellers, Disc And Mould Board Ploughs, Ridgers, Tipping Trailers, Sub Soilers


Agriculture Implements. Straw Reaper, Rotavator, Rotary Tiller, Roto Seeder.


All Type of Agriculture Implements & Parts. Tiller, Tractor Trailer.


Rotary Tiller, Sunflower theresher, Sugarcane Harvester.


Tiller Spring, Rotary Tiller, Tractor Trailor.

Renaaissance Power Products Private Limited


Vinglob Greentech

Agriculture Equipment, Fogging Machine, Chaff Cutter Machine, Spray Pump, Chaff Cutter, Seed drill

Maruti Industries

Power Weeder, Rotary Tiller

AC Agro Technology

Rotary Tiller, Rotavator, Multi Speed Rotavator

Farm And Garden Technologies Pvt Ltd

Chain Saw, Power Weeder, Power Tiller, Brush Cutter, Mini Harvester

Erisha Agritech Private Limited

Tractor Rotavator, Roto Seederh, Rotary Tiller, etc.

Trimurti Agro Machinary

Power Tiller, Thresher Machine, Rotavator Parts, Reaper Binder, etc.

Deban Agro Industries

Disc Plough, Rotary Tiller, Power Weeder etc.